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I have found it necessary to compare tuners in a test setup to see which is better. Making an evaluation based on day-to-day reception results can be misleading because OTA signals constantly vary in strength.

antenna > variable attenuator > 2-way splitter > TVs

Most TV tuners drop out at about -85 dBm. If I want to know the signal level at dropout, I use a 4-way splitter for my signal level meter and 2 TVs.

If you are using a preamp, insert the variable attenuator between the power inserter and the splitter.

When I increase the attenuation, the last TV to dropout is the winner.

Around 2008, the best tuners were in the converter boxes because they had to meet government specs to qualify for the coupon program.
I have a very weak signal here, so I am putting these tuners to a test to be sure.
Can you show us your TVOOL report, tell us about your antenna system, and which signals are giving you a problem?

The tuner in my CM 7003 is just as sensitive as in my 32" Sony.
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