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88.1 HD radio and TV RF6

Would the sidebands for HD radio on 88.1 and TV on channel 6 interfere with each other?

An FM HD signal is 400 kHz wide, so 200 kHz from carrier one each side. With a carrier on 88.1 MHz, the HD signal would go as low as 87.9 MHz, taking a 2% “bite” out of TV channel 6.

I live in Baldwin MD, north east of Baltimore, south west of Philadelphia. It looks like WPVI may be possible to receive from my location, especially since the TV fool model is based on 7.56 kW ERP, WPVI is operating at 34 kW ERP, and they have an application to take it up to 62.9 kW ERP.

But, there is WYPR on 88.1 with its HD sidebands, and I wonder how an HD on 88.1 and HDTV on RF6 would interact.
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