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Local TV Channel Listings/Guides - Websites and Apps

Most recent thread on this topic was over two years old, and did not include cell phone Apps which I am interested in. So I started this thread.

Here is the website I've been using for local TV listings via my laptop computer:

It is not the greatest, but gets the job done.

The problem I have is that by the time I turn on the computer and load the page, I could have just channel surfed and got the same information.

It just isn't quick to use plus it bogs down sometimes.

I've been thinking that using my cell phone to get local TV listings would be more convenient.

I've done a Google search and found several FREE Android Apps, I have no idea which one to choose.

I'm looking for something not only easy to use, but easy to start out with.

One which just shows local antenna TV results in my area, and not a bunch of Satellite or Cable channels which I have to by-pass or edit out.

I do not use my cell phone as a remote control, just looking for a basic display of information.

If I can highlight an episode of The Outer Limits for example to find out if it's one I've seen already (based on a brief description), that would be a plus. The AOL site has that feature, and I like that about it - when it works.
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