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Originally Posted by digitaljunkie View Post
TV fool report is here -

I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do to solidify these stations? Or, am I simply too far away and terrain prohibited from expecting any further enhancements?

Thank you,
Hello, Jamie. Thank you for the report.

For comparison, here is a report from that is based on my guess of your location:

This is an extract from that report:

That's an impressive tower. I agree with GroundUrMast, you are doing very well but have reached the point of diminishing returns. It would require a lot more effort even for a small improvement.

I assume your 7777 is the second version with only one antenna input. My favorite was the original 7777 with two antenna inputs.

The RCA TVPRAMP1R is attractive because of its low price and two antenna inputs. I ordered two new ones in sealed boxes and they both failed. There are many reports of poor quality control. I'm not willing to recommend it without a note of caution. You got a good one.

The 7777 with one antenna input was rated at 30 dB gain. The one CM sent to me measured about 24 dB. I think they made a silent design change because they had so many returns which were not only from failure but from overload in strong signal areas.

I have two of the 7777HD Amplify preamps with adjustable gain (30/17dB). The are quite stable and I use them indoors as test amps. The enclosure for the 7777HD doesn't look suitable for outdoor use, but it could be put in a housing with the coax leads coming out the bottom. My impression of the 7777HD is that it is a better quality amp than the 7777 with one antenna input. It looks like it was made in the same factory as the CM distribution amp, which are very reliable.

I had some concern about the 7777HD because it operates on 5VDC, but the measurements I made indicated that if you keep the voltage at the amp above 4 VDC, you can go out much more than 100 ft.

Having a preamp with two inputs for UHF and VHF isn't that big a deal, because a UVSJ has a very low insertion loss when used to combine a UHF and a VHF antenna before a preamp with a single input.

It is possible to switch to a preamp with a lower Noise Figure like the Kitztech 200, but I'm not convinced it will make your distant signals much more reliable. Ultra low noise preamps are more sensitive to static damage, but protective diodes are now being inserted to protect the input.
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