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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
I grabbed an EU385 out of the returns box at random and ran it though the usual battery of measurements.

I just zipped the files so you can download and peruse them. The file name identifies the measurement.

Note: Unused terminals were capped with 75 ohm terminators for each measurement.

Plots are much better than a single number. The UHF antenna would actually see a very nice load up to 600MHz (-16dB R. L.). Your UVSJ performs well, especially over the UHF band once it is cut down to channel 37 608MHz.

The combined port match isn't as good, but the tuner probably presents a decent 75 ohm load so this may be less important than the port facing the UHF antenna.

It seems unlikely the slight loss and mismatch would cause an issue, I'll try your UVSJ first as the most likely solution vs. a dedicated tuner. It would be nice to preserve 4 tuner availability for most channels. Even though they aren't terribly expensive, it seems silly to have more than two of those units sitting up in the attic.

Are you using a Fieldfox handheld VNA/SPA?
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