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My purpose is to provide accurate information to the interested members of the public, both customers and non-customers alike, so that the information provided best meets their needs. As someone who has only recently arrived at this forum, you probably do not yet know how diverse my recommendations can be. Other users who have been here awhile and who have been observant will attest to my flexibility in interactions with forum posters. I do not leave any doubt or question regarding my being an employee of Antennas Direct.

I've been combining antennas using the UVSJ device for a very long time and I cannot think of a single instance where an A-B switch would have been a necessary and appropriate alternative. I've also discussed issues such as this with a number of station and industry engineers and the use of the UVSJ is both the recommended and accepted practice.

Go ahead and feel free to saddle your own customers with an inconvenient solution, but I will continue to advocate for the elegant simplicity of the device that was invented for the express purpose of eliminating such a switch.

Best of luck!
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