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For maximum gain, I'd run two separate RG6 cables, each dedicated
to one antenna with a low loss A/B switch.
As noted in a different thread, that arrangement is overly complex, is inconvenient, and really doesn't have any advantage for the antenna user when a separate UHF and VHF antennas are used. Now, if the separate antennas were both of the same band or were combo antennas aimed in different directions, it does make sense to use an A-B switch* to prevent combining glitches that are endemic when using a common splitter for combining. Still inconvenient, but it's a proper application of the A-B switch.

The actual difference in insertion loss from a quality UVSJ and a "low-loss" (whatever item that might be selected) A-B switch is going to be negligible, perhaps a few tenths of a dB at most. If you happen to have a favorite A-B switch, you're welcome to send me a sample and I'll run it across the network analyzer to characterize it for you and give a comparison that shows the relative performance between it and a UVSJ.

* Note: Using separate tuners for individual antennas as the OP has done is another alternative to avoid the aggravations of combining like-band antennas.
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