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Adding VHF, diplexer and antenna recommends

I need to add a VHF antenna to my UHF only setup. TV fool report here. It is kind of a long story, but if you look at the report it appears UHF covers all stations by pointing at San Francisco 316 degrees and Fremont 357 degrees. Turns out the KGO VC7.1 RF 35 repeater at 357 degrees has problems at the transmitter end, but the operators are unlikely to fix it. So I need to try and get VHF 7 for KGO instead of the UHF 35 repeater.

Any suggestions for a high quality VHF/UHF diplexer and long range VHF antenna? I am one-edge to Mt. Sutro, in the shadow of a small hill.

Here is a photo of my current setup. The XG91 Yagi points at Mt. Sutro in SF, with the DB4e bowtie aimed at Mt. Allison in Fremont. Each connects to a separate Silicondust HDHR4-US network tuner.

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