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Originally Posted by derf View Post
Thanks. Will try that add-on.
Not sure why TV2 gets those channels but TV1 won't get them.
Perhaps TV2 has a better tuner built in.
Hi derf:

Tim is correct in the reply he gave your above comment. But there is probably another possibility.

Because you're so close to the towers of the channels in question (less than 10 miles) and their strong signal strengths, you probably could use a metal coat hanger out your window or in your TV antenna jack to pick up their transmission! Laughable but true!

For instance, here at my location in SOCAL LA/OC, I have sometimes used the AD ClearStream Flex indoor antenna which is designed for both UHF/VHF-H. I can pick up a very strong VHF-L real channel 4, display 22 with about a 19 signal meter reading. The "digital cliff" is about 15 where you will no longer receive the transmission; so 19 is weak but watchable. And this is not uncommon with any UHF antenna, such as you are using. However, if you want to receive those VHF-H stations reliably, you need at least that add on Dipole kit Tim recommended. It works good for what it was intended. (And in my case here, I use outdoor antennas that include VHF-L to get good reception on those frequencies.)

Here are several links that might be helpful in explaining the dynamics of Television. I have found them useful:

Hopefully, this will help clarify somewhat. All the best.....

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