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Originally Posted by derf View Post
Granted. But, not knowing any better, one might assume all DTV broadcasts are UHF.
The ad does not state that you can get an add-on device to expand the range to VHF.
Also, still not sure how to tell if a channel is UHF or VHF, what frequency range, etc.
VHF-Lo Channels 2-6 (uses an antenna with wide elements)
VHF-Hi Channels 7-13 (uses an antenna with medium width elements)
UHF Channels 14-36 (uses and antenna with smaller elements)

This pertains to the "real" channel assignment that the station is using--the actual frequency assignment assigned by the FCC that they broadcast on. In your RabbitEars report that is the channel number shown in parenthesis.

For example your WGMB Fox 44 TV station actually broadcasts on channel 24, but they market themselves as channel 44. This is because a few years ago when TV transitioned from analog to digital, the stations wanted to keep their current branding identity when they moved to their new channel assignments. Your ABC affiliate WBRZ 2 is no longer on channel 2, they are now actually broadcasting on channel 13, but they still identify as channel 2. Confusing isn't it?
Antennacraft Y10-7-13 VHF, Antennas Direct 91XG UHF
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