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Originally Posted by derf View Post
Have a Clearstream antenna mounted in the attic with a Channelmaster antenna amplifier/splitter feeding two televisions. One TV has a built in tuner and the other is a video projector with a small tuner box. The tuner box is not recognizing two local channels that are closer and stronger than some of the channels it is getting.
Is it possible to have a signal that is too strong?
Should I look for a different tuner box?
Any suggestions or links to previous threads on this appreciated.
You can definitely have problems especially if you have too much amplification. Try running your feedline directly to the tuner box without the amplifier/splitter and see what you get.

Is the other TV with the built in tuner working OK?

How much feedline do you have between the antenna and amplifier/splitter?

How much feedline between the amplifier/splitter and the TV with built in tuner?

How much feedline between the amplifier/splitter and the tuner box?

Which mode Clearstream antenna are you using?

Which model amplifier/splitter (or are they two separate pieces)?

Can you post a link to your RabbitEars report? You can generate a report here:

Inquiring minds want to know.
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