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Hi, bobsgarage! Thanks to you and Rabbit73 for the signal profile without a reflector. That is an extremely interesting idea!

Over the weekend, I contacted a local amateur radio club to get their thoughts about a possible rotator installation. The club leader replied he would tap into his network and come back with ideas on that front.

In the meantime, I have been having a wonderful evening of DXing tonight with signals coming from South Bend, Indiana (102 miles). Tonight I logged WNDU (16.1/RF42), WSBT (22.1/RF22), WSJV (28.1/RF28) and WHME (46.1/RF48). All stations except WSJV were received with 100% signal quality for approximately two hours; WSJV was moderately pixelated. There must be some unusual tropospheric propagation tonight.

I also noticed some signals on high-VHF channels 7, 8 and 11. All three stations are somewhere outside the Chicago market, but I could not quite decode them. I am assuming RF8 might be WMVS from Milwaukee, but that would be odd because my antenna is on a 111-degree heading, and Milwaukee is at 8 degrees! A rotator sure would be helpful.

Now that I'm getting my feet wet with rooftop reception, it's exciting to see the possibilities.
You should have looked at the New channel master antennas it will receive BROADCASTING station that you are looking for. and you dount have to take nothing off to make it work,
And you do not need a Rotor for it just use one of channel master amp like the 7778or the

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