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Hi, Angie; welcome back.

Most of your channels are UHF, but NBC is on real channel 10, so you need a VHF/UHF antenna like the Winegard HD7694P mounted outside as high as you can get it. The antenna should be aimed at about 135 degrees magnetic.

ION will require a separate Antennas Direct DB4e antenna aimed at 348 degrees magnetic and a custom combiner to add it to the other channels. Maybe you can do without ION for now.

If the antenna is outside, the coax shield should be grounded with a grounding block that is connected to the house electrical system ground with 10 gauge copper wire for electrical safety and to reject interference. For further compliance with the electrical code (NEC), the mast should also be grounded in a similar manner to drain any buildup of static charge, but the system will not survive a direct strike.

There are trees everywhere, is there a way to obtain info so I can provide accurate details?
If you are willing to provide your exact address or coordinates in a PM I can look at the satellite view of your location.

Because of the hill in the signal path, I suggest making a test with just one TV, and then add a 4-way splitter for more TVs. If the signals are too weak, replace the splitter with a Channel Master 3414 distribution amp.
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