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Question Antenna type and location help request

Thank you Rabbit73,

Answers to your questions.

Where can you put the antenna, indoors, attic, or outside?
No restriction on where to install an antenna.

Are you thinking of one antenna to feed all TVs, or an antenna for each?
Probably one antenna if that's the better option. Open to suggestions.

Your signals are fairly strong and in the same direction from the SE but you are behind a hill. You shouldn't have too much trouble unless there are trees or other buildings in the signal path.
There are trees everywhere, is there a way to obtain info so I can provide accurate details?

PBS and ION are your weakest signals, and ION is in a different direction, which is a complication.
Complicated meaning additional hardware, more expensive or ?

Suggestions on what type of antenna, equipment, and installation .... would be very very appreciated.

The installation window I have available is from 31-August to 4-Sept.

new report

Thanks a million

Thanks so much.

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