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->ALL<- Questions and Answers about Broadcast Tv Reception and More.

A simple reception situation.

This recommendation is based on the Current Plus Pending Applications Included tvfool list of Digital Tv stations/channels.

ALL of the Tv Digital Stations/Channels from WKRN-DT Real VHF channel 27 - Thru - WHTN-DT Real UHF channel 38 IND. In and thru the Green and Yellow reception zones of the tvfool radar plot report will be received.

Install a Winegard HD7082P antenna Above The Roof aimed at about 60 degrees magnetic compass.
Here is how to aim antennas ,

Here are some above the roof antenna mounts , , , ,

Buy the ronard antenna mounts at solidsignal by typing the word ronard in the solidsignal search box.

Here are places to buy antennas and etc. , ,,

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