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Thanks again, So not only the trees but the hill is also blocking the signal. I had pretty much assumed that the transmitting antenna being that high would clear the hill. I can go up another 15 feet or so if I mount antenna to the upper peak of roof . I will try the 91xg on temporary 20 foot pole first on flat portion of roof where I can move it around . Then if received mount it permanently. If received will probably take down the 8200 since I would no longer need vhf from memphis market and use two uhf antennas and 2 coal and a/b switch.

I wish I could find a source for a new remote a/b switch. Only ones I have found are the old radio shack ones and they are generally $50 to $100 .

When I get to it I will report what the results are . It will probably be a couple of weeks.

Thanks again
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