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Your chances of getting one or both of the two VHF stations out of Bristol are fairly decent with the right equipment as long as 1) the simulation is reasonably close to reality and 2) local electrical noise doesn't bite you in the backside. One thing that should be remembered is that low-VHF does have a distinct advantage in very mountainous areas (it bends more readily over terrain) and that trees and foliage do not affect it very much. High-VHF is not as advantageous in these cases but still far better than are UHF signals.

Since no one makes or sells VHF-only antennas anymore, your best bet would be to try a large combo antenna and just leave the UHF section in the box as a proof-of concept test.

If you can get an RCA ANT3038, it would probably do about as well as any other combo for testing. Buy from somewhere with a generous return policy, just in case.
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