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tuners in new TVs

Is it really possible that the new HDTVs do not have tuners that are adequate? My story: I bought a Samsung LCD TV and attached it to my roof-top antenna. The set could not find a signal. With this very same antenna, I am receiving all the local stations quite well thru my converter box and analog TV. Perfect picture. A friend came over last night with a laptop that had a TV tuner device and he was able to find 42 stations by hooking to my antenna (some were not perfect, but far away). I'll admit that the antenna is old, but since I get nice reception with the converter box why does the brand new TV not work? Inquiries to Samsung, Best Buy, etc, all result in them telling me my antenna needs to be replaced or to get cable. The store that took back the set claims it was fine. I am hesitant to replace the antenna at this point - maybe a new one will not work either. Thanks.
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