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Installed High Gain signal Amplifier W-15-259 from
It came with outdoor antenna mount pre-amplifier and adjustable gain indoor distribution amplifier.

After checking reviews I ordered off fleabay $38.00 shipped.
No affiliation what so ever. They have a web site and a brick and mortar location in Florida.

Initial results: I went from 24 to 28 channels depending on weather and antenna positioning to 48 channels digital and one analog all coming in strong with no re-positioning. That is with gain set on lowest setting. Channels range from 2.1 to 69.5.

Conclusion: Very Happy!!!
The unit I purchased seems well made as for longevity and durability we shall see and I will update.

Thanks rabbit73 and groundyourmast for your advice and help and to TV Fool giving a home for great information.

Cheers, Tony

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