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Originally Posted by Brokenspoke View Post
So the pics started out working and every time I checked back one would be super large and i would have to reduce to 30 percent to see the pic. That was with Photobucket which I have used for 5 years no problem.
Any way these seem to work for me.
That works; thank you for the photos.

I had a problem with Photobucket. They suddenly and without warning stopped showing my images in posts. Then they wanted me to pay them so the images would again show in posts, which they call third party. That didn't sit too well with me; it was like they were holding my images hostage.

Image size can be critical. A large file will show good detail, but it takes up more storage space. There are limitations on the size of attachments. If I show an image in a post I try to keep the width not greater than 750 pixels.
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