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Jason l
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Nice thanks grounder mast any body use the kt 500? I'm really more interested in RESULTS. For educated guesses are just that. So if your antenna gets week signal on some stations???? My winegard 8275 29 db gain. Increases signal and ads anyone else have simular results. I have antennas with winegard preamps antenna craft preamp one without amp. I admit one without amp works but 9 of the 38 channels only work rarely real channel 7 ;44 ; 45. I tried and channel master Titan 2 and it worked no better than antenna without preamp didn't make antenna worse or better I was told from channel master I should not be using high gain. My reply was should not isn't in my vocabulary....... Lol. But seriously the 29 db gain works great is it not considered high gain. What works! Theory or reality or I guess what have you tried. I do have some close stations but I don't aim my detectional antenna at it I iam it of axis towerd furthest station.thanks for reply I will try a kt 500 next try.other two say no to Titan 2 antenna direct don't seam high enough
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