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If you are referring to this;

Then I would say no.

What you are talking about is "stacking" antennas which is a science it itself, not for beginners or even intermediates.

There are specifics that have to be followed, starting with a decent antenna in the first place. That or any like that is not. It's a low cost, small, short range model which there are 3 or 4 other similar models like it out there. Now if you were talking about different directions, that maybe different.

Without knowing your exact situation, no one would or should make any recommendation other than, based on your question know that apparently isn't the correct choice.

If all your stations are in the same basic direction (within +- 20 degrees (or so) get a 8-bay 'bow tie' antenna (the former CM HD4228) or a high gain Yagi if the separation of degrees is more like +-10 degrees.
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