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To stream live TV to the laptop I need to do one more thing... I'm using VLC to display the video and audio so I need to tell VLC to send it's request to connect to the remote tuner to the VPN/proxy connection. Using the GUI menu of VLC, I choose Tools>Preferences>Show Settings(All)>Input/Codecs scroll to the Socks proxy section and set the Socks server to

Now, when I use the GUI menu Media>Open Network Stream and enter the URL of my SiliconDust HDHR-Extend tuner, the connection request will be forwarded through an encrypted SSH tunnel to my Media-Center-PC which will connect to the tuner.

An alternate option I've tested uses the command-line


vlc --socks
This method of launching VLC does not permanently set the proxy option, so for normal use, VLC will not need to be reconfigured to the default of no proxy.
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