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The UHF does not work. Period.
This assumes you didn't leave your TV set to "Cable" which will produce your exact results.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Verify you have no splitters between the amp and its power inserter unless you have made provision for DC PASS-through. Checking with a meter, you should have somewhere from 9-15 volts DC at the end of the coax down lead where it connects to the (OUT/POWER) connector at the pre-amp.

2. Remove the preamp completely. You may leave the power inserter installed but you must unplug the power supply from the mains.

3. Test reception with the DB8e fully assembled, both panels in parallel, and aimed properly. Run your scan. No reception, go to step #4. Otherwise, got to step # 5.

4. One at a time, connect your down lead directly to each of the panels individually and repeat your channel scans. If both panels now have UHF reception, call Customer Service for a replacement combiner, otherwise proceed to step 5.

5. Verify the switch in the amp is set correctly to "separate" when using separate antennas. Set the FM trap to "On" or "In". The internal slide switches have been demonstrated to be a bit on the "cheap" side and don't often make good connections. Reconnect the amp to the recombined antennas and retest. If it still fails, the amp or something in the cabling is defective, the tuner is faulty, or there simply isn't any UHF signal there.
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