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Well, I put the antenna up today.

I wish I had looked carefully at TVfool signal strength data before I bought the DB8e. I suspect a DB4e would have worked fine. Next error, I put a combiner in line before the preamp to add my FM antenna signal and, after waking from a nap, realized why nothing worked. I eliminated the combiner and some problems went away along with my FM.

I decided to use a Y5713 for the VHF instead of the Y10713. Works great. I get the local CBS and ABC affiliates with very good picture quality.

The UHF does not work. Period. The auto scan on the Panasonic 55 inch plasma finds nothing. One reason, for sure, is my pointing is off a 10 -20 degrees. However, given the absence of signal on all channels, something else is amiss.

Last, what a PITA to find mast h/w these days. Home Depot? What's a mast? What is "guide wire?" No, it's guy wire. "What's guy wire?" I need a 75 to 300 ohm transformer or balun. What's an ohm? Well, it wasn't that bad...after a brief description, he said they don't have them. Go to Radio Shack across the street. I tried to convert a couple of 1.25 - 2 inch EMT ground clamps to attach the guy wire to the mast, but they were too loose for the 1.375 inch steel post. I shimmed them, but as soon as I tensioned the guy wire, it slipped off the shim.

I hope I can work on it again next weekend.
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