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For most folks in the San Diego market, a two antenna system is ideal. Your report confirms that's the case at your location.

I'd suggest an Antennas Direct DB8E or 91XG aimed at the main group of UHF signals, at 163 per a compass. Then, an Antennacraft Y10713 would be your best option to receive the two H-VHF signals from La Jolla @ 221.

An RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp has plenty of gain, more than enough to overcome the loss in a 120' run of RG-6, and then a splitter and more cable in the house. The TVPRAMP1R has two inputs, one for UHF and the second for the VHF antenna. Like most, the preamp is powered by a unit that should be in a protected area near an outlet. This second device is only a power supply and adapter that inserts power into the coax from the mast mounted preamp unit.

The two antennas and outdoor section of the preamp can mount on a common mast provided it's tall enough to allow for adequate spacing. Try the UHF antenna at the top of the mast and the VHF antenna 3' to 4' below. It's prudent to test reception before cutting cables and drilling holes. I'd suggest using a 30' to 50' factory built cable to test one antenna at a time, connected to a single TV to test reception and fine tune aim. If you're satisfied that your antenna location is good, then add the long cable run, preamp and test with both antennas connected to the preamp.
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