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Originally Posted by rickbb View Post
You can also get rigid electrical conduit at the local big box store. I've used the 1 1/2 in 10 foot lengths with no issues. Although 20 feet of it would be quite heavy.

IMC conduit would be lighter but is harder to find and still stiffer than the common EMT conduit.
I use EMT for masts all the time for TV and ham radio use. Just be aware that the outside diameter is larger than the trade size designator of the EMT.

1" EMT is 1.163" outside diameter (close to standard 1-1/4" TV mast)
1-1/4" EMT is 1.510" outside diameter
1-1/2" EMT is 1.74" outside diameter

Always be sure what size mast your TV antenna can accomodate. Some will not fit on 1-1/2" EMT.

Also to note, I have a friend who made a 26 ft. telescoping mast from three sections of EMT in the sizes shown above. Each section overlaps by 24" and the sections are locked in place with 1/4" bolts.
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