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Mounting your new antenna.

Originally Posted by Pistachio View Post
When you say "articulating eight bay" do you mean an eight bay antenna and a mount that allows me to point elevation of the antenna upwards? If so, is this a good 8-bay antenna? (stellar labs 30-2431

And what articulating bracket would I want? I still need to identify what mechanical hardware parts I need and if I can source them here in San Diego rather than pay huge shipping costs for a mast.
No, you will not need any special brackets . It is part of the actual antenna, you can see it in your link, the picture shows the antenna able to face different directions.

Antennas Direct has the DB8e, there are others that are similar. Basically they are two four bay antennas ganged / combined.

It looks like Newark has some decent pricing on those particular antennas.

So yes, chimney would be a great place to mount your antenna as long as you are well above the discharge. As you know hot gases may affect the longevity. Do be aware the new antenna can put some stress on the chimney if it's in bad shape.

Especially if it's a longitudinal form antenna such as a yagi or log periodic. If you get the 30-2476 At some point in time it may put the body of the antenna right over the discharge of the chimney. However, I do believe an 8 bay will be less in the chimney smoke / gases unless the wind is right. Those particular 8 bays don't always do well on VHF so so be aware that. If you decide to combined a VHF and a UHF you will need a UVSJ or a VHF / UHF combiner amp or a diplexer such as the ones sold by Antennas Direct or others.

Also too, for UHF considered a 4-bay antenna as it has a wider beam width. It may have a little less gain could possibly pick up more markets. That would be a good trade-off.

I believe that Newark site has a lot of chimney mounting accessories.

Oh, and do keep us informed about the G450 rotator. If it pans out for you I will order two myself. My fear is that it is some sort of Chinese clone. When it arrives you should probably call the company and see if that's a valid serial number...

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