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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Thanks for the additional information. I am not familiar with the Homeworx HW130STB tuner that you plan to use. I wonder if you have to rescan the channels each time you change antenna directions?

A less expensive alternative to the rotator would be to install a second UHF antenna for the stations you want to receive from Mexico and have a coax A/B switch to switch between your two UHF antennas.

Wow, that really is a super price on the Yaesu rotator. In fact, almost sounds too good to be true. Have you ever purchased from the website before?
Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Good morning Tim, I went to the website. I tried order one but it wouldn't take my credit card information. Probably because I tried to use my wife's and the name doesn't match.

The cable is almost as much:

It seems kind of sketchy because I can't get a shipping date. I guess you ordered to find out?
I purchased it on Friday and only got a confirmation email but no shipping info yet. I will call in the week and if its not looking good I can have my credit card people cancel the order. I will let you know if this pans out.
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