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Originally Posted by Pistachio View Post
I was also shooting to get the Spanish stations coming from 147-148 deg. So in that case I think I would need a rotor. I agree the Yaesu G-450A rotor was supposed to be costly ~$280 at the hamradio website for example but I found a website Writland selling the Yaesu G-450A for $69 +$7 tax, free shipping. For my entry level system I would not like to break budget just on a rotor. At the same time I don't to go cheap and fill up the landfill.

That said with the additional channels I mentioned, what system should I go for?
Thanks for the additional information. I am not familiar with the Homeworx HW130STB tuner that you plan to use. I wonder if you have to rescan the channels each time you change antenna directions?

A less expensive alternative to the rotator would be to install a second UHF antenna for the stations you want to receive from Mexico and have a coax A/B switch to switch between your two UHF antennas.

Wow, that really is a super price on the Yaesu rotator. In fact, almost sounds too good to be true. Have you ever purchased from the website before?
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