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Question Roof antenna selection help UHF and VHF-HI San Diego

I am in San Diego near the coast (lets say approx. Latitude = 32.802, Longitude = -117.257). I am connecting to a receiver (Onkyo TX-NR686) and tuner (Homeworx HW130STB). I am going to get the rotator Yaesu G-450A . I am interested in receiving VHF-HI and UHF signals via a roof mounted antenna. I was planning to buy one UHF/VHF-HI or two separate UHF and VHF-HI roof antennas.

I have downselected my antenna choice to:
  • VHF antenna: Stellar Labs 30-2475 $27 (as recommended)
  • UHF antenna: Stallar Labs 30-2420 $16
both shipped for $17 from Newark
This is what I was planning to buy since I would get them both from one source, Newark. But I think the UHF antennas from Stellar labs donít look durable as the Winegard HD-1080 or HD9694P.
I was considering to possibly replace my UHF selection (Stellar Labs 30-2420) with the:
  • Stellar Labs 30-2426 $29 from Newark since it might get me better performance
or the
  • Winegard HD-1080 $27+$17 shipping from summitsource since it looks more durable. But here I will pay more for shipping since I would have to go through two companies.
Alternatively, as a single VHF-HI and UHF option, I was looking to only use the Wineguard HD-9694P $60 free shipping from Amazon. In this case I am apprehensive to pick one antenna for both UHF and VHF-HI.
Can you please help me confirm the better option near this price range for VHF-Hi and UHF?
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