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** solved **

Well Tower Guy,

These are my findings. I am no longer getting any drops or video artifacts on any channel.

First off, during my initial setup, I was getting all channels but a few breakups in video and audio on WLOS but noted your comment about having my antenna connections connected to the wrong inputs on my pre-amp.

So I swapped the inputs so WLOS would be on VHF and my new 4DMax would be on UHF pointing due north. I did a new scan for channels and all came in but no WLOS - not even listed and was if it wasn't there. So for the heck of it I switched the antenna connections back to 751 / WLOS to UHF and my 4DMax going to WYFF and the others to VHF. That did the trick! All of the channels came in including WLOS. Strange but I was happy.

Next was WSPA. You mentioned that it was at 163 but the TVFool report has it at 23! That confused the heck out of me so I went back and pulled a Rabbit ears report another user that replied to this thread and it confirmed your direction of 163 which was almost directly behind my 4DMax. All of this started to make more sense to me so...


I pointed the front of my 4DMax towards 163 to pick up WSPA and allowed the back of my 4DMax to pick up the much easier WYFF and WHNS. Using the VHF input on my pre-amp.

I moved my 751 up about a foot and tweaked it until I was getting a consistent picture and audio. Using the UHF on my pre-amp.

I've been watching WLOS and WSPA for a few hours with zero drops.

Thank you again for your help! Could not have done it without you.

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