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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
The 751 should be aimed at WLOS on VHF channel 13 and connected to the VHF input of the preamp. The extra gain of the 4MAX doesn’t help you because the difference between the furthest east and furthest west (off the back) UHF stations is roughly 35 degrees. The 4MAX antenna is very directional. The 2MAX would have been a better choice.

In any event, the 4MAX gets connected to the UHF input of the preamp and carefully aimed/tweaked at or near due north to pick up WSPA on channel 22 off the back at 168 degrees, WYFF at .4 degrees, and the largest group of stations at 22.6 degrees.
Many thanks Tower Guy!

I'll swap those connections and do what you suggestion. Funny thing is I think last night's artifacting and audio issues may have been due to multipath. Right now WLOS is working without issue. I've watched it for half an hour now with not a single audio or video issue.

Should I move the 751 up higher and just below the 4MAX?

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