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thanks just so you know so far my girl still gets tv 8 from that pvc type antenna. i do not get tv 8 at all with my setup. i think that is due to some type of interference between the antennas. i do get 29-1-2-3 so this spring if tv 8 stops showing then i will rescan and see if it improves.

the tech told me they are using a different kind of signal and that allows them to boost the power some. and he said most of the stations if not all f them are thinking hard of doing the samething to boost signal to get more audience. that will help a lot.

the tech at tv8 has a fellow tech that know the boy of the guy that made that pvc antenna and i'm trying to get the info on it so i can build one without taking the one i have apart and seeing how it is made and just coping it. but if i do not get that info before spring i will have to take it apart and see how bud made it and copy it. then i'm going to test it out to see if it gets all the stations better than my conglomeration.

thanks for the help bp.
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