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Since you already have he ANT751, try adding a preamp near the antenna. The least expensive one would be the RCA TVPRAMP1R with the input switch set to combined.

If you want a deluxe preamp, consider the Antennas Direct Juice:

If you look at your two tvfool reports, you will see that WLOS is stronger and goes from a 2Edge to 1Edge signal at the 25 ft.

Connect the output of the preamp power inserter to just one TV for a test.

If you click on WLOS on your tvfool report, you will see the transmitter profile. Notice that even though the max ERP is about 30 kW, it is only about 6 kW in your direction because of the directional pattern of the WLOS transmitting antenna.

The 751 is not a high gain antenna, but it has a wide beamwidth to cover the channels you want from 352 to 23 degrees true. Aim the antenna to favor WLOS at about 1 degree magnetic.

If you think you need an antenna with a little more gain, the next step up would be a Winegard 7694.

The preamp should have enough gain to compensate for the splitter loss. If you have doubts about the satellite splitter, replace it with a conventional 4-way splitter. The splitter should be after the power inserter. If the splitter MUST be between the preamp and the power inserter, then you will need a special power-passing splitter. If there is too much loss in the splitter, replace it with a CM3414 distribution amp.

The coax from the antenna should be grounded with a grounding block connected to the house electrical system ground with a 10 gauge copper wire for your safety. If you want full compliance with the electrical code (NEC), the mast should also be grounded in a similar manner.
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