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Reception Issues

I am having some issues with my current installation. My antenna is an RCA ANT-751, and it is installed on a ledge outside our home above the first story.

My signal results are here:

I seem to get most channels pretty well. However, some channels, such as ION (30.1) seem to be pixelated at times. Also, it seems like the lousy weather today is affecting many channels.

I am hoping for some suggestions to help with the reception.

Would it be something simple as adjusting the direction of the antenna?

Would mounting it on the roof of the building (2nd story) help? I can do it, but it will be a PITA to mount it on the roof. If that is the case, will probably pay someone to install.

What about an amplifier?

I am using quad shielded cable (don't remember the brand, but I bought it at Home Depot, so I can't imagine changing the cable would affect things.

Any other suggestions?

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