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Well, I ended up purchasing a Clearstream Max4 and installed it above my existing antenna that is at a height of about 16 feet off the ground. I faced it towards the channel that is the furthest away from me (WLOS 13 ABC 60+ miles 350 degrees true) and I'm getting an almost clear picture with only some small artifacts from time to time and a few drops in audio. It's much much better than before but not 100%.

Signal is showing around 60%. I was also having some drops prior to this install on (WSPA 7 CBS 45 miles away) along with (WHNS 21 Fox 44 miles away) but they are NOW, 100% with zero drops or artifacts. Crystal clear.

My original antenna is at the same spot about 5.5 feet below the new Clearstream. If I read the pre-amp correctly the old antenna is going to the VHF and the new one is going to UHF. I could have that backwards. I had a hard time reading the labels. This allowed me to combine the two. Could this be an issue? I might ad a combiner to the mix. Not sure.

I've got a feeling that I need to be even higher to get 100% on the WLOS. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.I'll continue to tweak the positions of my antenna. See what I can do.
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