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Originally Posted by Ed2010 View Post
Here is a more representative picture of the trees since we had some timber cut. Also, the section of trees in blue have now been clear cut.
That looks much better. Where did you find that more recent photo?
I'll take a look at the options you provided and get one of the antennas and preamps on order.
Does any one have the potential to be significantly better then the other?
The Juice preamp has an internal 4G-LTE filter.

Most of your channels are at the low end of the UHF band. The DB8e, with both panels aimed in the same direction, has more gain than the 91XG in that part of the UHF band.'s/DB8E-TDS.pdf
Also, was there much improvement in going from 20' to 30' height? I'm guessing that will be somewhat dependent on the trees in the direction of the signal.
Right, the trees are more significant.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
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