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Need help selecting an antenna setup in Rural East Texas

Originally Posted by Ed2010
I've been waiting since the 17th for my account to be activated so I can post but running out of time before I need to buy my equipment. Hopefully you can help via PM or post for others input if you don't mind.

We just built a house in the country so I'll need to get a mast, antenna, etc. The house is ~250 feet off of the road and has 5 oak trees in the front yard and woods behind it.

I generated a report for 10', 20' and 30' heights. I'm not really sure what's available in the way of masts but I'm guessing for 20' I'd use a fence top rail or for 30' I'd need to buy a telescoping mast.

Here are the results:
10’ antenna



One thing I forgot to mention and I don't know if it will create any interference but I'll also be installing a Weboost cell phone booster as well. The house has a radiant barrier in the walls and roof so it will definitely need to be an outside antenna.

You're welcome to post everything except my address to get input from others. I really appreciate your help.

Thanks again.

I will post your question for help with your reception problem, Ed.
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