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The weakest channel I was getting is 29 (67.1) then would be 40 (54.1).

The Channels were;
21, 46, 49, 44, 12, 26, 28 (snowy), 38, 40, 41 and 29. The sub stations came with them making the total 18 to 22 depending on the tv. The newer the tv the more channels. I thought RG6 length would matter but it was not just the age of the tv. Some stations like 40 and 41 would go out in morning and return at night. Right now once the cold weather set in I only get Channel 21 (42.1) on all the tvs, I set the antenna in Fall around Sept/Oct.

"As it stands, you have no realistic chance of pulling in any DC channel except under rare enhanced propagation events" I guess that means if I am super lucky that a freak occurrence happens then maybe if super lucky, oh well WTTG news is at least streamed via the web. I am having trouble reading the shadow portion. Am I to the right of the map for the station broadcast?

I did get Channel 9 when I first was trying the db2 pointed in different directions but that caused me to lose more channels than the way I had pointed it.
Is there another setup I can do to pull the others back in? Could I get a CBS station into the mix I had?

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