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cambria county on AVS extended the rear elements on his RCA ANT751 to be able to receive WQED from Pittsburgh. It moved from 13 to 4.
Originally Posted by cambria county View Post
I extended the rear elements on my Rca-751 antenna to get Wqed 13 (rf-4). It works very good at my location. I am about 58 miles from Wqed tower.
I made the rear elements about 48" each side. I used elements from old antenna's. Just used flat screwdriver and pliers to open seam where the slit is. Slid onto existing element and ran foil tape around it. Before I did this, Wqed was not decoding on the Zenith box. It was very close to opening. That is when I got the idea to extend back elements for rf-4 aka Wqed. I was suprised how strong it was after I did this. On another note, I ordered stellar labs version of the Rca-751 and the fringe yagi 30-2476. Wtov 9-Steubenville not quite strong enough to decode with Rca-751 here. (90 mile signal). I think the 30-2476 will get the job done. Hopefully, I can shoot for Wtrf-7 Wheeling, also. The cw-rf 11 is real easy to get here for some reason. Fox 8 comes in very strong with the rca-751.

Those elements are a little too long for channel 6; should be more like 33 or 34 inches on each side.

This is what the Winegard HD7000R looks like with the VHF-Low extensions added:

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