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Originally Posted by eggman531916 View Post
Recently, a station that used to broadcast on RF 46 switched to RF 6 and now I find myself trying to figure out what to do. I've built probably close to a dozen or so UHF antennas, but I've yet to try and tackle a L-VHF. I knew the station was going to make the switch, but I didn't care when it was only a religious station. But about a month before they switched, they added ION and Bounce to their line up and now I want to get it back. Has anyone as of yet tackled one of these monsters?
Is that WKBS?

The strength of the WKBS signal at your location will determine what type of Channel 6 antenna you will need. On the plus side, VHF signals can make it over rough terrain better than UHF signals. On the minus side, the noise level from electrical interference is high on VHF-Low, requiring a stronger signal with sufficient SNR above the noise.

Tower Guy is correct; try different locations for your DIY CH 6 antenna.

I made some measurements of electrical noise on all three TV bands; it was highest on VHF-Low:

This is what the noise looks like on VHF-Low at my location. The signal had to be at least -8 dBmV (-57 dBm), which is a fairly strong OTA signal equivalent to 34 dB NM on a TVFool report, for reliable reception:

Signal diagnostics:

Channel 3 folded dipole antenna:

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