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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Really appreciate your information. I cannot help but
wonder if a low band VHF antenna, that covers Rf 2-6,
would differ from the channel specific designs you
I also think that would probably be true. The bandwidth of a Yagi can be increased by increasing the element diameter and adjusting the spacing of the elements, but it will probably be at the expense of gain.

If you need even more bandwidth, the next step up would be a Log-Yagi which has log periodic active elements combined with parasitic elements. An example would be the VHF-High section of an RCA ANT751.

And finally, for the greatest bandwidth you would need a Log Periodic antenna design. Examples would be the VHF-High section of the Winegard HD7698P and the VHF-High/VHF-Low section of the Winegard HD-8200U.

The small extensions that you see on some of the 8200 VHF elements allow those elements to function on 2-6 AND 7-13.
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