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1. You cannot link to an FMFool plot, you must attach an image. Hot links were never added to FMFool's functionality.

2. You cannot use the LNA200 for FM because its built-in FM trap will filter it out.

3. At FM frequencies, a good quality RG6 will only lose about 2.0 to 2.25 dB per 100'. You likely will not need any amp, but we do need to see that image of your local FM signal environment to be definite.

I don't care about overload making me not be able to receive the 2 local stations, but I am worried about bleed-over into nearby Pittsburgh frequencies (ie 92.9 and 105.9)
You should care about that factor. If you feed the tuner signals that are too strong, it will "desensitize" and you will loose the weakest of your signals anyway, making the whole project an exercise in how not to do things.
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