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How are you going to mount your antenna...
(mast/eve/"J" Mount/ ?

No need to use the heavy wire...
Unless you are using a Mast, and required by City Code.
Get a inline grounding coupling, and use the Shield as a ground.*
A Mast may not be so tall, where should it fall, any part of it must not touch the next property.

No, don't directly attach any bare wire to your house.
If you get a direct strike, it could cause enough heat to start a fire.

There are three kinds of Lightning Strike...
Will cause an electrical surge, which you may already be protected against through electronics in your equipment. If unknown, you may use a Power Strip which has Surge Protection built into it.
Where EMP is transmitted through the atmosphere to your Antenna. Usually messes up tuners, and there's nothing you can do to protect your equipment from it, other than what the Manufacturer has installed.
Kiss your entire system goodbye, and, hope the molten metal doesn't start a fire.

*= Placement of the Grounding Coupling is a topic of protracted discussion.
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