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Setup help Moving and wondering if OTA is possible

Hi, I've been looking at these forums on and off for several months and it seems, from what I see, that each case is very different from another and it seems that there are some very knowledgeable people here that are able to help with those situations. This is why I've finally decided to ask for some help from the community.

I'll be moving in a few months to a location that has an antenna mast already installed. Don't want to pay for TV as we don't watch it very often; but still nice to have from time to time. This is my TV Fool report

I'm wondering if with a channel master masterpiece 5020 or winegard 8200U if it will at all be possible to get the 4 americans from my location:


or am I just way too far and no antenna or pre-amp can help.

Would still want the local canadians as well

My antenna height is set at 30 but would be 25 if I were able.

The setup would be about 50ft of COAX split at some point Two or Three ways to two or three seperate PCI tuners (depending if I two way or three way split)

I'm hoping I've given all the necessary information and hope that this is a possibility.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.
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