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This one's pretty easy... At 20 feet, you already have line-of-sight paths to the NYC stations. Note that there is little, if any, improvement to signal strengths present at 25 or 30 feet. So, if you're going to install on the roof, terrain blockage will not be your problem - the trees will be. (If you're curious about what the path looks like, click on one of the stations in the table of your report.)

Since you have high-VHF and UHF stations to pick up (ignoring the LPs on 2 and 4), you will need one of the antennas in the Winegard HD769n or AntennaCraft HBU-nn series. Despite Noise Margins of 40+, you should choose from at least the mid-sized versions (HD7696 or HBU-44) to account for the trees. Also, you've got a couple of really strong locals, so a pre-amp is probably not advisable.
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