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Originally Posted by toddbailey View Post
from what I gather joining multiple antennas is iffy at best, and connecting my cm-4228 with my rs u-120 sounds like a recipe for signal phasing and cancellation problems.
but since I got the hardware already ordered I'll give it a try anyway.
Well, since nobody is answering you:

Yes, it can be iffy. You just have to try it.

If the two antennas are identical and aimed in the same direction, you can combine them for increased gain. You can use a splitter in reverse as a combiner. The feedlines must be the same length. If the antennas have baluns, they must be in phase.

If the two antennas are aimed in different directions, they can be different and the two feedlines don't have to be the same length.
would a better option be to go with a single antenna?
if so, what is the best and highest gain uni-directional vhf/uhf antenna available?
That is a possible option. The Winegard HD7698P would be suitable. The long VHF-High elements at the rear must be opened in the correct order; the instructions are confusing.

would increasing antenna height from 30 to 40 ft help much?
The general rule is higher is better, but it isn't always true.
also I'm using 75 to 100 ft of lmr-400/50 coax
it should be 75 ohm but the company sent the wrong product and the return policy didn't include shipping costs. so I went ahead and used it anyway and just going from rg-6 to the
50 vs 75 probably isn't that critical because the output impedance of the antenna isn't going to be 75 ohms at all frequencies.
lmr-400 product gave me a nice improvement in reception quality.
That reduces the signal loss, especially for UHF. However, if you use a medium gain preamp at the antenna, it will amplify the signals before coming down the coax, possibly making RG6 good enough.
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