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Originally Posted by Caveman007 View Post
Thanks a lot for the help
I will look into that antenna. :

P.S. do I need the reflector that comes with it? And what's the chances of picking up channel 10 London when pointed towards the Detroit area. sorry for being a pain.
Hello, Caveman007

The C2V comes with a reflector. You will need to remove it to make the antenna bi-directional. The newer C2MAX doesn't come with a reflector, but one is available as an accessory.

Receiving channel 10 from London will be difficult. You might need a separate VHF-High antenna for it if that channel is important.

The TVFool reports are not as accurate as they used to be; the database is out of date. I did a signal report based on an estimate of your location:

You can do your own report here (I use coordinates from Google maps):

You are outside the area of coverage for CFPL:

and there is terrain blocking the direct signal:

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