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So, I've decided to start gathering materials needed for a 5 element Yagi found on the Yagi calculator page that GroundUrMast posted earlier. I decided to go with the folded dipole calculator as well. All to the tune of 86 MHz. Now this causes me to ask a question or two. The main question is, how important is it that I stick to the rod diameter for the folded dipole? It's calling for a diameter just a hair under 1/2" and I was wondering if 3/8 would work just as well? I ask because benders can get a little pricey. Also, I've seen folded dipoles now with both a curve on the end and squared ends. So my next question is, could I just keep the same distances (with the exception of the curves) and simply use 90 degree elbows and square it off? Or, in my ignorance, am I missing something here? Thank you in advance for any wisdom you all can bestow upon me.
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